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Our Services

Comprehensive AMC

It is important to ensure the reliability of fire extinguishers in a world where safety is one of the most important things. The comprehensive AMC services provided by us offer peace of mind by ensuring the functionality of your fire extinguishers. In this inspections, maintenance, and testing are conducted by our certified technicians.

Non-Comprehensive AMC

This contract covers basic service and regular inspections to ensure proper function with safety. However, the cost of refills, replacement parts, and major repairs are not included. The client has to pay extra beyond the regular maintenance. 

Repair Services

Fire extinguisher repair service includes fixing leakages, damaged components, and pressure loss. It is important to ensure the good working conditions of the system.

Retrofit Services

This type of service includes upgrading the existing units so that they can meet the current safety regulations and standards. This includes improving performance and adding new features. These services increase the lifespan of fire extinguishers and enhance their performance.

System Migration Services

System migration services include converting the old fire suppression into the modern, which is more efficient. This entire process takes evaluating the current setup and installing new equipment. It is important to install new technologies for better protection.