AMC Services for Your Safety and Security

AMC Services

Our AMC services prioritize your safety with life-saving products, including fire alarms, public address systems, fire hydrants, sprinklers, gas-based fire suppression solutions (FM200, NOVEC, Clean Agents), foam monitors, kitchen hood fire suppression, and VESDA. We are committed to safeguarding your property against fire hazards through reliable and advanced safety measures.
Step up your security game with our cutting-edge security systems. We offer access control, CCTV surveillance, intrusion alarms, boom barriers, turnstiles, and more

We Provide

  1. Comprehensive AMC
  2. Non-Comprehensive AMC
  3. Repair Services
  4. Retrofit Services
  5. System Migration Services.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to routine maintenance and swift repair services, guaranteeing seamless functionality for your systems. Choose the AMC that suits you best, and let us safeguard your valued assets’ longevity and smooth operation.

Our Clients