CCTV at Your Service - Smart Solutions for Smarter Security

CCTV at Your Service - Smart Solutions for Smarter Security

For a corporation, there are variety of benefits that a properly installed and maintained CCTV system offers. An excellent deterrent is their visible presence, which can also make the employees/clients feel safe during their working day.

CCTV networks are impenetrable and almost impossible to bypass if they’re installed with perfection. It is possible for us, at IFS with trained engineers at our disposal, to provide suitable configuration of the cameras, for effective monitoring of the premises.

Below are few features of CCTV cameras, available with us, that might interest you and help you with your requirement.

CCTV services
  • Back Illuminated Sensors for colorful Images at low Light
  • Motion Detection, Trip Wire, and Intrusion Detection
  • Divides a Single Stream into Multiple Resolutions based on its Importance
  • Latest Compression Technique
  • Records at Lower Bit-rate during Non-Activity Period
  • Recording can be Stored Directly on NAS/FTP
  • Local Storage of up to 512 GB
  • Allows Streaming and Recording of Critical Areas only from the Entire Image
  • Supports up to Four Different Streams for Viewing, Recording and Remote Monitoring
  • Notifies Surveillance Center Through E-mail, Upload over FTP, and Channel Trigger
  • Network Disconnect, IP conflict, and Storage Alert

Count Number of Vehicles passing In or Out from a Defined Area

Notifications on any Movement in a Defined Area for a Defined Period of Time

Detect and Recognize the License Plate Number and Save it to Database

Notification of Entry/Exit of any Object/Person in a Defined Area Based on Direction

Notifications on Detection of Object Moving out of a Marked Area

Notification on Parking in No Parking Zone

Notification on Parking Outside Defined Slots

Real-time Status of the Number of Empty Parking Slots in the Premises

Camera-wise Event based SMS Notification

Event-based Video Pop-up with Multiple Window Stacking

Event based Audio, Alarm and Buzzer to Alert Security about Miscreants

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