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Conventional Fire Alarm

A conventional fire alarm is Commonly used in properties and buildings to detect fire and send notifications. It consists of a network of interrelated fire detectors, manual call points, and alarm sounders. Each detection zone is connected to a particular circuit and the same circuit is shared by all the detectors.

Addressable Fire Alarm

An addressable fire alarm system provides exact information about the fire location, this is an advanced fire notification and detection system. The addressable system allows individual devices like alarm sounders, manual call points, and detectors to communicate directly with the control panel and to have a unique address. 

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarm systems are much more convenient and flexible than other systems that are suitable for various environments. Wireless communication technology is used to connect all the components of the system. 

Aspiration system

Also known as an automatic fire detection system, the aspiration system detects smoke earlier as compared to other systems and it also has very well-defined advantages.