Novec 1230 Fire Extinguisher : The Next Generation Fire Suppression Solution

The Novec 1230 fire extinguisher is known for its effectiveness and environmental safety. This clean agent extinguisher is ideal for protecting sensitive equipment and areas from fire without leaving residue or water damage.

: Novec 1230 Fire Extinguisher

Especially when it comes to fire suppression systems, the Novec 1230 Fire Extinguisher is designed with safety in mind. It is non-toxic and non-conductive, making it safe for use in occupied spaces and around sensitive electrical equipment. This feature is particularly valuable in environments where water-based systems could cause damage or pose risks to people’s safety.

 It is available in various sizes and configurations, suitable for a wide range of applications, including data centers, server rooms, telecommunications facilities, museums, archives, and more. With its compact design and easy installation, the Novec 1230 Fire Extinguisher seamlessly integrates into any environment, providing reliable fire protection without compromising on aesthetics.